Garment production in Europe is becoming more popular nowadays

Due to its expertise, flexibility, innovativeness and short delivery times, the Portuguese textile industry has once again become very attractive. Portugal is a save country with great infrastructure according to fabrics, washing/dyeing methods, trims and accessories based on FOB business.
Our office is located close to Porto’s airport, in the northern part of Portugal, with fast and easy access to our cooperative factories.

Our Portuguese office is focused on

  • All sorts of knitted garments and seamless functional wear
  • Workwear/Coordinates and Denim pants

Your advantages working with us in Portugal:

  1. Quality control through our technicians
  2. CAD equipment and high technologies
  3. Flexibility and high reactivity
  4. Short Lead times 8-10 weeks quick transportaion within EU
  5. Low Minimum Quantities per Color / Style
  6. Complete, structured and dynamic Textile and Clothing chain
  7. Geographic and cultural proximity to you
  8. Low private-sector strike rate