Advantages of working with us in Portugal:

  1. Small Quantities per Color/Style
  2. Attractive Prices for low MOQ
  3. Manufacturers with CAD Equipment and High Technologies
  4. High-Quality Productions
  5. Expertise and Professionalism
  6. Short Lead Times: 8-10 Weeks Quick Transportation within Europe
  7. Sustainability: Materials, Techniques, Geographic and Cultural Proximity
  8. Flexibility and High Reactivity
  9. Complete and Structured Textile and Clothing Chain
  10. Low Private-Sector Strike Rate

Our Portuguese office offeres

    • Sustainable Fabrics
    • Knitted Garments
    • Functional Fabrics
    • Seamless Clothing
    • Workwear/Coordinates
    • Denim Pants and Jackets
    • and much more!

Contact us with your questions and let’s work together – We make your visions come true!