Clothing production in Europe is becoming more popular

Due to its expertise, low moq, innovativeness, and short delivery times, textile production in Portugal has once again become very attractive. Portugal is a safe country with a great infrastructure for fabrics, washing and dyeing methods, trims, and accessories. Especially in the north of Portugal, there are many high-quality manufacturers and suppliers able to produce low quantities at an attractive price. Our team is very well connected and fully relies on all the factories and partners, as we have been working together for many years.

Our office is located close to Porto‘s airport, in the northern part of Portugal, with fast and easy access to our cooperative factories.

We like to invite our clients and partners to visit us, so we can show you where your collections and articles are being produced. Transparency and trust are very important to us!

Our Portuguese office is focused on

    • Knitted Garments
    • Functional Fabrics
    • Seamless Clothing
    • Workwear/Coordinates
    • Denim Pants and Jackets
    • Sustainable Materials and Techniques

Feel free to contact us with any questions – We make your visions come true!

Take a brief look at one production

Virtual Tour Merchandise Bag - Making of Allianz Collection