Outfit Workshop Ltd. was established in 1991 with a base in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The manufacturing and main bulk productions are located near Shanghai in the northern provinces and Xiamen and will be coordinated by our branch office in Shanghai.

Our finance and purchasing department is located in Hong Kong. We’re cooperating closely with 6-8 various factories during peak-season.

We instruct our sampling rooms with pattern makers and sewing workers for in-house research in the developing team to comprehensive design principles and resolve all technical issues for the production.

BSCI certificate is available.

Our merchandisers are well experienced in active and functional woven, as well as, knitted clothing.

Other departments such as fabric and trim sourcing, QA/QC, accounting, and administrative departments are well operated as a chain.

The above set-up enables us to create a flexible production-oriented operation. Its strengths laying in sourcing, small MQO, and the development of fabrics, trims, and quick samplings.

Feel free to contact us for more details. We would be pleased to send you our quotations and prototypes.